CV series controllers


The CV series products are highly applicable controllers that can be used for VRV electromagnetic vibrators, as well as for the control of electromagnetic vibrators from other manufacturers.


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Product Description

VRV electromagnetic vibrator controller is customized to match all vibrators on the market

VRV electromagnetic vibrator controller is specifically designed to control electromagnetic vibrators. It is matched with electromagnetic vibrators of various manufacturers on the market.

Structural performance

● Output voltage regulation

● Range adjustment in direct proportion to set value

● Smooth activation, two settings

● Adjust the maximum and minimum output voltage by independent potentiometer

● Different versions to suit specialization needs

● Level detection system and component overflow controller

● Feeder drives and sensors: plug-in

Performance characteristics

● The modular design has strong universality

● Can realize stepless speed regulation

● Individual models are available from 0.05 A to 6.0 A or 2.0 A to 42.0 A

● Applicable to power supply with voltage of 105-115 or 220-240V and frequency of 50HZ or 60HZ

● Also suitable for hazardous environmental conditions: operating temperatures between -5 and 45°C

● The built-in output relay is used for monitoring or interlocking of the centralized automation system

● Selectable trip by sensor (normally closed, passive contact or voltage signal)

● External control input 0...10VDC....20mA,4...20mA

● Level scanning system and component overflow controller with adjustable on-off time relay

● Different sensors (photoelectric sensors, inductive proximity sensors, terminal switches can be connected for level scanning systems and component overflow controllers, etc.)

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