High-performance Banana Screen

Banana screen, also known as constant thickness screen, derives its name from the banana-like arrangement of its side plates. Compared to traditional vibrating screens, the same screen area boasts a larger processing capacity, and is mainly used for screening and grading materials with a large processing quantity, in the coal mine, steel, mine, and other industries.

Dewatering Screen

Dewatering screens are used for solid-liquid separation, desliming, process cleaning, and other processes. Higher intensity of projection and different screen plates are selected based on different feeding materials. The feeding section has a screen surface angle of 45°, making it easy to drain water downward, and the discharging section has a screen surface angle of -5°, making it easy to dehydrate upward, thereby significantly improving the processing capacity and dehydration efficiency of the screen.

Double frequency vibrating screen

The double frequency screen adopts the principle of combined vibration frequencies. To screen materials that are prone to blocking the screen, PU plates or composite grid plates are used to increase the contact area between the material and the screen and increase air permeability, thereby achieving the purpose of screening. It is commonly used in the desulfurization system in the power industry, screening system in coal preparation plants, solvent screening system in the steel industry, and sand and gravel system in the construction industry.

VRV flip-flow screen

VRV flip-flow screens are very suitable to process intractable materials.

Curved screen

VRV screens are used for particle size classification and recovery of solid particles from liquids, slurries, or sludge, including ore, coal, coke, sinter, grain, or rock.

Circular vibrating screen

VRV type circular motion vibrating screen is used for screening granular materials, widely applied in industries such as metallurgy and mineral processing, coal preparation, building materials, and electric power.

Multi-purpose linear vibrating screen

VRV vibrating screen is applied in material screening, ore washing, grading, desliming, media removal, dehydration, recovery, and impurity removal. VRV equipment can adapt to various harsh working conditions that easily cause corrosion and wear.
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VRV designs and manufactures vibrating equipment, including vibrating screens, vibrating feeders, and other equipment with special requirements such as heating, cooling, sorting, paving and reinforcement during dosing and conveying. The products are widely used in photovoltaic, mine, electric power, coal, building materials, rubber, chemical, food, energy and other industries that need to handle bulk materials.


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