VRV listens to the customer’s needs, communicates with the customer, determines all the necessary parameters, then provides the best solution, makes the layout and starts the design.

VRV provides support services for maintenance and technology updates, including but not limited to equipment manufactured by VRV. Our engineers will analyze any problems of VRV vibration equipment in the life cycle and find out the best solution. We are also willing to assist our customers’ field experts and repair engineers with our test data and recommendations to help them solve problems.

VRV device advantages

Material contact parts with strong material selectivity

Suitable for a wide range of material particle sizes

Wide temperature range

Suitable for processing various products

The design is adaptable and flexible, and can be customized according to customer requirements

Easy to install, easy to operate on site, no problems such as broken feet, low delivery volume, etc

No rotating parts in the production area, long service life, and maintenance-free drives

High power, small size, safe and reliable for long-term use

The material flow is continuously adjustable, enabling online 0 to 100% stepless adjustment, without startup and shutdown response time

Good sealing performance, simple isolation from the environment, fully sealed driver

Continuous feeding without gaps

Soft material handling

VRV technical services

Supplier of a full range of high-quality drive systems

The precipitation of 100 years of history has accumulated rich manufacturing experience

Electromagnetic vibrator, vibration motor, vibration exciter, crankshaft vibration excitation system and other drive systems

Global leader in technology and economy of electromagnetic vibration

Develop solutions that meet customer specific requirements

The global service system ensures the quality and quantity of your after-sales service, with over 30 sales and after-sales outlets worldwide