Spreader cover/spreader plate fine granular bulk material

The spreader cover/spreader plate is used to evenly spread fine granular bulk materials onto a belt, roller, or surface that moves downward at a uniform speed. They are executed as spreader plates or spreader covers. VRV spreaders are mainly applied in the chemical and food industries.

Silo unloader

VRV hopper unloading device is installed under a hopper, silo, bin, or bulk container for bulk materials, and functions as a combined closing, unloading, transportation, and metering device. Used in scenarios where large conveying capacity is required. Dustproof design can be selected according to requirements.

Long distance vibrating feeder

Long distance vibrating feeder is an extension of chute feeders and tubing feeders. This difference is reflected in the conveying distance. It is used when the conventional vibrating equipment is subject to distance limitation. VRV long-distance vibrating feeder adopts multi-screw transmission. At the same time, by adding an intermediate layer at the bottom, cooling can be achieved by means of coolant.

Tubing feeder

Due to its closed design, VRV vibrating tubing feeders are popular in the chemical, plastic, lithium, food, pharmaceutical, and other industries. Generally, they are used to transport dusty materials or to protect materials from environmental conditions.

Chute feeder

VRV chute vibrating feeder is suitable for convey and meter most bulk materials with a wide range of granular sizes. Vibrating feeders are widely applied in the metallurgical (steel, casting), hardware, plastic, building materials, wharf, coal, and other industries.

Two-way feeder

According to the actual needs of industrial production, VRV reversible feeders are used where bulk materials must be conveyed and fed reversely. VRV has also introduced a reversible vibrating feeder with multiple inlets to meet the need for reverse conveyance of mixed bulk materials (various materials enter the equipment at the same time and are discharged to the same outlet). Note: According to the position of the feed port, bulk materials are discharged to the discharge port in turn.

Screw vertical elevator

The screw conveying trough is driven by unbalanced electric motors, which are arranged opposite each other, resulting in the vertical conveyance of bulk materials. It is suitable for cooling, drying, lifting and conveying various bulk materials, widely applied in plastic, chemical, mining, and other processing industries.

Small electromagnetic vibrating feeder

The VRV compact/linear vibrating feeder simplifies the process of feeding, distributing, conveying, dosing, and distributing powder and particle materials from the storage silo. Widely applied in packaging, food, medicine, industrial automation and other industries.
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VRV designs and manufactures vibrating equipment, including vibrating screens, vibrating feeders, and other equipment with special requirements such as heating, cooling, sorting, paving and reinforcement during dosing and conveying. The products are widely used in photovoltaic, mine, electric power, coal, building materials, rubber, chemical, food, energy and other industries that need to handle bulk materials.


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